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Organic Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat With Alignments

Organic Cork & Natural Rubber Yoga Mat With Alignments

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Did you know most yoga mats contain toxic PVC will pollute Earth for 1000's of years? At Good Karma we promised to support a conscious lifestyle and create all our products with care and love to our Planet. That’s why we bring into our range the most eco-friendly yoga mat in the world - Natural Cork & Rubber Mat. 

Due to combination of natural material’s features this yoga mat is so high performing for any practice. The 100% natural cork surface adds an ultra responsive grip while the natural tree rubber layer creates a durable and supportive base and provides maximum stability for a safe and comfortable yoga flow. You won’t come back on a usual mat. 



+ Grippy | Cork increases grip when it’s wet, so the more you sweat, the more the cork grips Non-slip cork surface for super grip.

+ Ideal balance of comfort and support | Non-slip cork surface is great at absorbing pressure and providing a soft and cushioned feel. The bottom natural rubber part doesn't allow the mat to slide around and keep it flat while you are practicing.

+ Cork Is Non-Allergenic, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Static | Cork naturally resists the growth of mould, bacteria and odours. It means easy to care for and keep the yoga mat hygienic.

+ Non-toxic | Completely free of PVC, TPE, glues and binding agents

+ Planet-friendly | Sustainably and ethically harvested raw materials. Biodegradable. Zero plastic. 100% Vegan Product

+ Minimalist beauty of the cork with Alignment lines | The mat has a clean and elegant look with natural cork texture and tone which gives a natural feel. We only have added some alignment lines that you can guide your practice.

+ Suitable for all levels of practice and all types of Yoga, Pilates, handstand practice and general fitness.



Materials: Natural Tree Rubber base and 100% Organic Cork top surface.

Size: 183cm x 61cm 

Thickness: 4.2mm  

Weight: 2.6 kg

Complimentary black carry strap included

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